Using media & technology to praise our God is it an integral part Lemon Cove Community Church. Youth today have smart boards in their classrooms at school; they have laptops, iPhones, tablets and about a million other gadgets…… In order to reach out to youth and younger adults, we feel a sense of responsibility to keep up with the latest technology & tools to benefit our congregation and community.

Areas that our church embraces Multi-Media are:

  • Power Points used in worship service.
  • Videos used in Worship, Christian Education and Small Groups
  • Sound System Operations that allow people participating in the worship service to be clearly heard and also providing simulcasted sound in our Nursery.
  • Online Videos highlighting our current Ministries.
  • Recording of the Sermons (also known as podcasts) for those who are unable to make it to the worship service and to replay during the week. 
  • Presence on the web with our church website, church Facebook page and our church YouTube page.


  • Please use the drop down menus to view our available Media.